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What Your Teeth Say About You

What Your Teeth Say About You


Teeth have the power to determine our personality. The shape of teeth, the size of our teeth, and the habits we have related to teeth, all state the personalities which might be hidden from the world. Here is how:

The First Two Teeth: The first two teeth in the front of the mouth help to show our age to the world. The younger a person is, the more rounded and well-shaped the corners of the front teeth will be. As a person starts to grow older, their front teeth tend to get squarer and it begins to shorten as well.

Unique Characteristics of Canines: Our canine teeth provide a lot of information about our personality. Sharp, long, and prominent canines suggest that an individual has an aggressive personality whereas blunt canines suggest a more calm and collective nature.

Masculine/Feminine Traits: The teeth present in the sides of your front two teeth indicate your feminine or masculine traits. Feminine traits usually have shorter and rounded teeth whereas masculine has larger and squarer teeth sets.

The Shape: If you have pointy teeth, then it is considered that you generally have an aggressive personality. It can be related to short-temperedness or a normally rude and on-point personality. The people who have oval teeth are very organized in nature. Rectangular teeth are associated with explosive and intense-natured personalities. They are also very determined by nature.

Teeth Grinding: Teeth grinding is associated with excessive stress and anxiety in a person. If a person very frequently grinds their teeth, it generally means that they are anxious or stressed out a lot.

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