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With US Eyeing India, Pak Caught Between Washington And Beijing

With US Eyeing India, Pak Caught Between Washington And Beijing india west

With US Eyeing India, Pak Caught Between Washington And Beijing


It was a bold and clear message from the US and India statement that has thrown an open challenge to counter global terrorism and unequivocally condemn terrorism and violent extremism in all its forms and manifestations. The statement has unnerved Pakistan as well as China.

The joint statement by US-India has also insisted Pakistan take immediate action “against all terrorist groups”, leaving an option of asking the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to further tighten its anti-money-laundering and terrorism financing standards.

Both India and Pakistan are relevant to the US for different reasons. India is on the geopolitical center stage. Its strategic value for the West is increasing. Thus, after the US-India joint declaration, US Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blome moved his pawn diplomatically on June 23, keeping Pakistan under US wings and saying “Our people-to-people ties have taken forward the US-Pakistan relationship for 75 years. Perhaps the most meaningful result of our diplomatic engagement is the network of personal and professional connections made by tens of thousands of Pakistanis who have gone to the US on US-funded academic programs and exchanges and those Americans who come to study in Pakistan”.

The US’s top priority for Pakistan is to eliminate terrorism, counter emerging terrorist threats, and address the causes of instability. The US has supported 120,00 Pakistani police officers’ training programs and encouraged female officers’ recruitment and professional development. Not only these more than 2,000 Pakistani officers have gone on US-funded military education and training programs, but Pakistan is also among the top two countries in the world for participation in US military exchanges.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar in an interview to the Washington Post said, “Pakistan can no longer try to maintain a middle ground between China and the United States”. US-Pakistan relations have served vital interests for over six decades, but it has not been a ‘normal’ bilateral relationship. In Pakistan, the US connection strengthened the army and enhanced its political profile. Washington was not happy with Pakistan’s relations with China, the 1965 war, its nuclear program, and Pakistan’s contribution to the failure of the Afghanistan war.

It is widely believed by political observers that incidents of instability in Pakistan are Washington’s hidden ‘agenda’ to destabilize Pakistan to take out its nuclear assets. Washington wants to punish Pakistan for being an ally of China. In 2002 Richard Armitage, then-deputy secretary of state admitted that Pakistan was never important to the United States in its own right. It was important, because of third parties. The implication was that Pakistan had no permanent value for the US, and its importance for Washington derived from the importance of South Asia more broadly.

In the given economic and politically wreck situation, Pakistan is left with no option but to seek US support for an IMF loan. The US is taking advantage of Pakistan’s precarious financial situation, pressuring Islamabad to keep a distance from Beijing. The IMF has recently raised serious objections over the budget for the fiscal year 2023-24, which has further narrowed the chances of revival of the Extended Fund Facility program. Donald Blome expressed confidence in the policies and programs of the Pakistan government for economic sustainability and socio-economic uplift of the masses. He extended his support to further promote bilateral economic, investment, and trade relations between both countries.

Pakistan is the only regional country that has not thrown its weight behind any single global power. Islamabad seems to be seeking good ties with Moscow and Washington. It does not want to harm American interests but at the same time, it will not go against Beijing.

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