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Young Indian Hammered To Death By Homeless Man


Young Indian Hammered To Death By Homeless Man

LITHONIA, GA (IANS) – An Indian, working part-time at a convenience store was brutally beaten to death with a hammer by a homeless man he and other employees had been helping for the past couple of days, the police said.

The incident in which Vivek Saini, 25, was killed occurred on January 18, local channel WSB-TV reported on January 28.

Witnesses say Vivek was attacked with a hammer by a homeless man at the Chevron Food Mart at Snapfinger and Cleveland Road here, on January 18 late at night.

Workers at the Food Mart said since January 14 evening they allowed a homeless man, who police have identified as 53-year-old Julian Faulkner, to come in and out of their store. “He asked us for chips, and coke. We gave him everything including the water,” said one of the employees at the Chevron.He added that they spent almost two days helping the man.

“He asked if I could get a blanket, I said we don’t have blankets, so I gave him a jacket. He was walking in and out asking him for cigarettes, water, and everything,” said the employee. “He was sitting here all the time, and we never asked him to get out because we know that it’s cold.”

But on January 16 night, Saini told Faulkner it was time to go, WSB-TV reported.

“He asked him to leave or else he was going to call the cops, he had been there for two days,” said the employee.

Police said as Saini left to go home, Faulkner attacked him with a hammer. “He hit him from the back then he kept on hitting almost 50 times on the face and on the head,” the employee added.

According to the incident report, when officers arrived Faulkner was still holding a hammer and standing over the victim.

Police gave him verbal commands to drop the hammer.

Vivek, a graduate from Chandigarh, was a recent MBA graduate from Alabama University, reports said. He was pronounced dead inside the store, WSB-TV reported.

Police said Faulkner is in jail on charges of malice murder and interference with government property.

Saini’s body was flown back to Harayana and the last rites have been performed.

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  • This is a very tragic news! I wonder what is the moral of the story, “Stay away from homeless folks”? It seems the very person who tries to help a homeless man ends up being attacked if the escalating demands of the homeless man are not met.

    “Factors leading to homelessness vary. There are women with children fleeing a bad relationship, veterans struggling with addiction or mental health issues, and those who are employed but not able to make ends meet…just to name a few.”, according to pitinoshelter.org But how does one know beforehand what kind of homeless person one is dealing with? Homelessness is a societal problem and should be handled by charitable organizations and government organizations, not individuals.

    January 29, 2024

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