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Your Daily Horoscope Today May 2 2024 All Zodiac Signs


Your Daily Horoscope Today May 2 2024 All Zodiac Signs

Aries ( Mar.21 – Apr.20 ): Horoscope Today

Set today aside for your hobbies and pass-times. Ganesha says doing things that you like will put you in high spirits, and it will show up in the way you behave with people you love. You may not be able to fully involve yourself in work but your seniors will be understanding.

Taurus ( Apr.21 – May.21 ) : Horoscope Today

This day you are likely to face some health problems. Ganesha urges you not to expose your self to any kind of risk and take even the faintest symptom of illness seriously. Visit a doctor without delay. You could, otherwise, be bedridden for quite some time. Today, you may, unfortunately, be running after greater profits at the cost of family welfare. Do remember. Money may be extremely precious, but certainly not the most precious thing in life.

Gemini ( May.22 – Jun.21 ) : Horoscope Today

You need to guard against hurting the feelings of others today. You will need to carefully listen to what people confide in you and help people with their problems by providing your considered opinion on the subject. You will be busy with religious and intellectual pursuits in the evening, says Ganesha.

Cancer ( Jun.22 – Jul.22 ) : Horoscope Today

An enterprising day! You may have a chance of foreign travel, which could benefit you. Your health will not help you in your efforts. You will learn an important lesson of life in the afternoon.

Leo ( Jul.23 – Aug.23 ) : Horoscope Today

You will take important decisions relating to some partnership today. A progressive day at the workplace awaits. Traders may face some financial constraints however. The stress of over-work may tie you down. So do not bite off more than you can chew, says Ganesha.

Virgo ( Aug.24 – Sep.22 ) : Horoscope Today

Sorting out long-pending issues will be a lengthy process today. However, Ganesha advises you to be persistent as the results will make all your efforts worthwhile. You will gain the ability to look at things through other peoples’ eyes, so to speak. Be generous, as you may have to take your beloved out for shopping in the evening.

Libra ( Sep.23 – Oct.23 ) : Horoscope Today

Ganesha says you will get fame and prestige in the field of broad casting media and in the world of art. This is the evening where you will have to make a choice and decision regarding higher studies. Luck will be with you. Ganesha showers you with his blessing and grace.

Scorpio ( Oct.24 – Nov.22 ) : Horoscope Today

Today is one of those days when you will go through tremendous highs and lows, predicts Ganesha. There are chances of heated arguments with your peers, so keep a check on your tongue. However, evening will be cheerful as you sit back and relax with your group of friends, go for dinner or watch a movie.

Sagittarius ( Nov.23 – Dec.21 ) : Horoscope Today

Kids and their demands top your priority list today, says Ganesha. They will come out with flying colours in academics and related activities. Today, you will also plan your schedule in a way that you will give a lot of time to meditation and yoga. A peaceful day, a peaceful you!

Capricorn ( Dec.22 – Jan.20 ) : Horoscope Today

Keep your fuel tanks ready as you are heading for a very active and exhausting day, today. The long list of activities will keep you occupied for the whole day and you’ll enjoy the energy floating around, says Ganesha. Your career will be on the go, too, especially if you are freelancer. You will end up having projects of your choice.

Aquarius ( Jan.21 – Feb.18 ) : Horoscope Today

You love to be on the spending spree, but here comes the bad part of it. Bills and payments! You dislike paying hefty amount for the things which you don’t know why you have purchased in the first place. It, however, has a brighter side, too. You will now realise the importance of being organised and balanced, feels Ganesha.

Pisces ( Feb.19 – Mar.20 ) : Horoscope Today

You will be in an extremely sensitive frame of mind today. You need to strike a balance between your head and your heart. Your financial situation might be the cause of some worry. Do not let this affect your family life, says Ganesha. You will also need to be on guard against trying to make a quick buck and against losing your temper.

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