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Yuba City, Sikh Community Raise Concerns Over Caste Bill

Yuba-City-Sikh-Community-Raise-Concerns-Over-Caste-Bill. India WEst

Yuba City, Sikh Community Raise Concerns Over Caste Bill

India-West Staff Reporter

YUBA CITY, CA – Yuba City Mayor Wade Kirchner and the Sikh community have released a letter opposing Senate Bill 403 (SB 403) in the State Assembly. The letter raises concerns about the potential long-term negative consequences of introducing the concept of “caste” into existing California anti-discrimination statutes.

In a letter directed to State Rep. James Gallagher, Kirchner conveyed the opposition of the Sikh Community towards the bill.

“At two recent City Council meetings, a group of Sikh community members came forward to express their concern and opposition, he says, adding, “On the surface, it appears that SB 403 is well-intentioned. However, in listening to the community members, it is going to introduce the concept of caste into California law, which they believe will have harmful long-term effects,” it adds.

In his speech to city councilors, Sardar Satnam Singh, a long-time resident said that SB 403 will bring a system that does not exist in the U.S. He highlighted the colonial context of the caste system that perpetuated divisions and continued in India even after independence as caste is embedded in the legal system of India. Singh said it was important to think about what would happen five to ten years from now if SB 403 were to pass.

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