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5 Head-Turning Shots For Every Indian Bride

5 Head-Turning Shots For Every Indian Bride

It is simple to become distracted and forget to take pictures of some of your D-breath-taking day’s moments due to the numerous errands to do and the stress of wedding preparations.

But here are 5 eye-catching photos that no Indian bride can afford to miss.

Document The Makeover

The process of turning into a bride is so wholesome that you can’t afford to miss any detail. So, make sure you get every step captured – be it the process of getting ready or flaunting that oh-so-gorgeous jewelry and outfit. Just let the camera adorn your bridal beauty on the roll film while you cherish the process of getting ready for the big event.

Bridal Outfit Twirl

You’ve finally pulled together the most stunning bridal attire after going back and forth with the jewelry, hours spent on the ideal bridal makeup, and numerous outfit tries. A stunning single photograph of you spinning and showcasing your wedding attire in all its splendor is required after weeks of searching. You can take a solo outfit-twirl photo in the garden, the halls, or the main stage. Nothing is better than including your better half or bestie in it if you don’t want to do it alone.

The No-Skip Grand Entry

It’s time to record this magnificent moment of a lifetime as you enter the location with your family and friends, dressed to wow each guest. Not just for the visitors but also for the photographer, you are the center of attention. So, take advantage of the opportunity and give him some of your greatest shots to remember for the rest of your life.

One With Your Lady Gang

It’s time to bring out the quirky side of you with your bridesmaids. It’s only fair that you have some candids clicked with your best buddies who have been with you for years. Experiment with poses, rock different styles, and let the pictures adorn your wedding portfolio.

The One With Your Soulmate

Let your relationship with your other half be represented in its true spirit. You can capture a succession of images that change from silly and romantic to jittery and ecstatic.

If you want your wedding album to be a goldmine of fun memories, raw emotions, and royal glory, make sure your photographer knows what you are expecting. Even better, give them a list of shots that you can’t compromise upon. And voila, you are all set. (IANS)

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