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Styling Of ‘Bigg Boss’ House Draws Attention

Styling Of ‘Bigg Boss’ House Draws Attention

Styling Of ‘Bigg Boss’ House Draws Attention

MUMBAI (ANI) – As the Bigg Boss OTT 3 streams to blockbuster viewership, one of the things everyone is noticing is the house itself.

Designed by Omung Kumar and Vanita Garud, the house features a fantasy theme with unique elements.

At the entrance, two massive statues stand guard, and dragons add a majestic touch. The walls showcase different faces on each side, enhancing the illusionary atmosphere. Locks and keys are a recurring theme throughout the decor.

Inside, the bedroom is designed like a theatre from a fantasy world, encouraging interaction among housemates.

The kitchen resembles a quaint vineyard, complete with stone walls and wine barrels. A large bridge connects the living room and storeroom, suspended over a water-printed carpet, adding a serene touch.

Talking about the thought and the creativity behind the new design for this season Omung Kumar said, “We wanted the Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 house to be unique and vibrant. As a designer, I believe in the magic of transformation.”

“Our design choices, from incorporating keys and locks to featuring grand dragons and two-sided walls with different faces, all contribute to the magical ambience. The keys and locks are a personal favorite – they represent how contestants are locked in and must unlock new aspects of themselves. Each element was carefully chosen to evoke intrigue and surprise,” he added.

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