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$5 Million Gyan and Kanchan Chair In Jain Studies Set Up

5-Million-Gyan-and-Kanchan-Chair-In-Jain-Studies-Set-Up India West

$5 Million Gyan and Kanchan Chair In Jain Studies Set Up

Photo : Gyan and Kanchan Jain with UTM Vice-President and Principal Alexandra Gillespie. Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn.

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TORONTO – The University of Toronto Mississauga has received an endowment to establish a new chair dedicated to Jain Studies – the first-ever endowed chair in the humanities at UTM.

The endowment of $2.5 million from Gyan and Kanchan Jain and their family will be matched by the university for a total of $5 million, UTM said adding that, “The establishment of an endowed chair signifies a vital investment in the study of Jainism, along with its history, culture, philosophies, and its far-reaching influence on South Asia.”

“Bringing Jain Studies to the University of Toronto Mississauga is an opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of Jain principles such as ahimsa, an idea that can bring peace and happiness to every living being and promote non-violence in our actions,” said Gyan Jain.

Many members of the Jain family have attended U of T, including Gyan and Kanchan’s three sons, daughter, and grandchildren. A strong connection to the university combined with a rekindled passion to support and grow the study of Jainism motivated the family to offer their support.

“My family and I are so pleased to see that the University of Toronto Mississauga has evolved into one of the top centers of South Asian studies in North America,” said son Hans Jain. “To be able to contribute to its growth through the endowment of the Gyan and Kanchan Jain Chair in Jain Studies is truly an honor and privilege for all of us.” 

Hans Jain recalled a recent visit to India with his family. The emotional and breathtaking tour of ancient Jain temples, meetings with diverse communities and visits to older relatives inspired the family to spread knowledge of Jainism.

As part of its community collaboration, UTM will strengthen its ties to the Jain community and develop a direct line of engagement with Brampton’s Bhagwaan 1008 Adinath Swamy Jain Temple, Canada’s first Jain temple. The partnership will attract global experts, while graduate students will have the opportunity to connect their textual research with lived practice.

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  • Very noble work. The world can only benefit from such knowledge.

    July 6, 2023

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