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7 Quirky Ways to Wear a Saree

7 Quirky Ways to Wear a Saree

Sarees are not just traditional Indian clothing. Experimenting with the saree to get the perfect and unique look has given rise to new quirky trends and revived the appearance of this classic Indian garment. Let’s have a look at some interesting and fun saree ideas.

Belt it

Belt saris are popular these days. Simply put on your saree as usual and add a belt that cinches around your waist at your pallu. A Kamar bandh could be worn instead of the belt for a more traditional look.

Dhoti style

This is another saree design that is gaining popularity due to its distinct appearance. It differs from a traditional saree in that the bottom has a dhoti-style weaving, and a legging must be worn inside instead of a petticoat.


A lovely drapery technique that spreads out the lower half of the pleats to resemble a mermaid’s tail. This saree appears to need a lot of effort, yet all it requires are a few more tucks and pleats.

With pants

In addition to its flashy appearance, a saree with a pant design is also incredibly comfortable. It is great if you want to stand out throughout the wedding season!

Pallu in front

In this saree style, the pallu is worn back to front rather than front to back. This pallu pattern stands out without compromising the saree’s individuality.

Gown style

If you want to pull off this style effectively, you must have a killer blouse. You can experiment with your blouse as much as you want with the pre-stitched gown design. Consider embellishments such as sequins, a net, a jacket-style bodice, or a peplum-style bodice.

Wear a brooch

If you want to present your best face in terms of styling, go a slightly different route. Get a trendy brooch and pin it to your pallu for a fashionable look. (IANS)

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