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America is Evil, Ukraine Propogandists

America is Evil, Ukraine Propogandists

From Girish Modi, Decatur, GA

After reading the opinion of your reader in, ‘Vladimir Putin: Rawan On Steroids’, I am writing this for millions like him who have fallen victims to American propaganda against Russia and China.

America has succeeded with help of Western allies in branding Putin a “war criminal” against humanity, though Russian military has suffered heavy losses. The Ukraine President is a big propagandist and has so far addressed 18 parliaments around the world, the United Nations and has been on prime time TV talk shows, news shows and interviews round the clock, spreading his sob stories of the kind never seen in history before; not even against Hitler who killed six million Jews.

Indian people always compare humans with either gods or demons. A person is either Rama, Krishna or Shiva or a Rawan or Kans. Gandhiji had preached “see no evil and hear no evil.” Krishna had preached in the Bhagavad Gita to seek truth; but nobody follows their advice. A great politician has said that if you tell a lie one hundred times, it becomes truth or vice versa. This is what is happening in Ukraine war.

While criticizing Russia’s two-month-old invasion of Ukraine, people forget America’s wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan in which millions of innocent civilians were slaughtered, their towns were flattened, and economies was destroyed. Nobody felt sorry for these people, nobody offered them refuge, and nobody offered them shelter because they were non-whites and non-Europeans from poor countries.

If Putin is “Rawan” then Presidents Truman (for dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan), Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Bush (for destroying Korea, North Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan) – were they saints or saviors? These presidents were like ten heads of Rawan! Let us hope Biden will not join their ranks. Always think independently and not as puppets to American propaganda.

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