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Amit Shah Wants Revenge: Uddhav Backstabbed BJP, Teach Him a Lesson he Tells Party

Amit Shah Wants Revenge: Uddhav Backstabbed BJP, Teach Him a Lesson he Tells Party

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Union Home Minister Amit Shah has launched a scathing attack on Shiv Sena president and former Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, saying he “backstabbed” the BJP and called upon the party workers “not to tolerate traitors”.

“The time has come to show him his place and teach him a lesson. Don’t make a habit of tolerating traitors. You can overlook anything in politics but not treachery. Those who betray others must be punished,” Shah exhorted at a meeting of BJP leaders and workers here.

In a tough speech, he said the Sena broke its alliance with the BJP in 2014 for only two seats and reiterated that “there was no commitment” made to Thackeray in the 2019 polls on the post of Chief Minister.

“Our target is to win 150 seats in the BMC polls. Thacekray betrayed the BJP after seeking votes in the name of Narendra Modi and Devendra Fadnavis. Now our workers must show him his place. BJP must dominate in Mumbai,” said Shah.

Referring to the recent rebellion in the Sena which led to the collapse of the Maha Vikas Aghadi government in June, he said that the BJP did not decimate the Sena.

“The Sena was destroyed and has become weak and in its present state now due to its own arrogance and politics of treason,” said the Union Home Minister on September 7.

Shah said the BJP wanted to put an end to the ‘anti-Hindutva politics’ of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra and called upon the workers to fan out and make the Sena bite the dust to achieve the BMC Mission 150 in earnest.

Shiv Sena spokespersons Dr. Manisha Kayande and ex-Mayor Kishori Pednekar, and Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Council Ambadas Danve slammed Shah for his remarks targeting Thackeray.

“Shah is considered number two in the Central government and such vindictive language does not suit his august post. If it was some ordinary BJP worker we could understand, but he is the country’s home minister,” Kayande sharply said.

Dismissing the BJP’s contentions, Danve said that if the country’s home minister must come and help his party fight the BMC elections, “then the Shiv Sena has already achieved victory”.

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  • Yes, it was a betrayal on the part of Udhav Thackerey who, for the sake of power, ditched the pre-poll ally BJP and joined hands with parties whom his father, late Bal Thackerey, wanted to keep away from power because of corruption and pseudo-secular policies.

    September 9, 2022

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