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Arizona Based Satluj Network Supports Separatist Amritpal Singh


Arizona Based Satluj Network Supports Separatist Amritpal Singh

NEW DELHI (IANS) – In the information war launched against the Indian state by the pro-Khalistan groups, Satluj network is the new kid on the block.

Founded by Arizona businessman Tony Mangat, the network has Punjab secession as its notable theme. Recently the network has coined the phrase Indian Occupied Punjab (IOP), on the same lines as India Occupied Kashmir (IOK) or India Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK) – acronyms that originated in Pakistan.

After the massive crackdown against Amritpal Singh, leader of Waris Punjab De since March 18, Satluj TV has started making repeated references to IOP.

In a March 23 video, anchor Ginger Jeffries, not only refers to IOP, but also vociferously praises Amrtipal Singh.

Tony Mangat, has businesses that spread across filmmaking, real estate, and trucking.

Co-founder Surinder Singh, according to his LinkedIn profile, graduated from Punjab University, and started his career at ANI in March 2006. Less than a year later, he shifted to Global Punjab. In January 2011, he joined Day and Night News Channel, moving to Global Punjab TV (USA) two years later. Simultaneously, he launched Talking Punjab, before joining Satluj Network in June 2022.

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  • Well! Here we go again! People must understand that money does not buy knowledge. It must be learned. History tells us that Punjab is a land of many faiths, languages, and ethnic groups that were established in the Indus Valley more than 10, 000 years ago. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. We share common roots, nurtured and nourished by the same land, air, and water. Punjabis are a big family. We may have family disputes, but no reason for separation. Yes! we have had grievances for mis and disparate treatments for several years, and they must be resolved. It is better to establish channels for a productive dialogue instead of using tools of violence. A separation from the Indian family would bring no peace except misery to all parties involved. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Myanmar are good examples of community disharmony and disputes. Let us resolve to be fair to all and grow together and live in peace for our children, families, states, and the nation.

    March 29, 2023
  • I fully support Sikh demand for a homeland called Khalistan. HOWEVER, without taking any land from current day India. There is plenty of real estate available west of Wagah border including Nankana Sahib, Panja Sahib and Lahore, the capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Just create a Khalistan there. Also, learning lessons from 1947 the new partition must be complete. No more Hindu Sikh bhai bhai and leave a few millions in India of today. Just make arrangements for their complete transfer to the new Khalistan. Let Sikhs live in peace with their muslim brothers. All Sikhs currently serving in Indian Army should be moved to the new Khalistan and form the National Army of Khalistan. Post Khalistan formation, there should not be any diplomatic relations between India and Khalistan. No Pappi Jhappi smooching thereafter. You decided to separate, so no need to for any relationship. Just separate and be done with it. For the ‘good’ Hindustani sardars – who will also be moved to Khalistan – their mission if they really like India and want to be one again, to deal with the Khalistani Sardars and fix their heads, then a possible reunification could be considered. Until then good riddance!

    March 29, 2023

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