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BAPS San Jose Walkathon Draws Huge Response

BAPS San Jose Walkathon Draws Huge Response

BAPS San Jose Walkathon Draws Huge Response

India-West Staff Reporter

SAN JOSE, CA – On April 27, the San Jose chapter of BAPS Charities hosted its annual “In the Joy of Others: Walk-Run” to support El Camino Health’s South Asian Heart Center and the CityServe of Tri-Valley.

The annual BAPS Charities Walk-Run, occurring in 72 cities across North America, champions a diverse range of causes, including education, health and wellness, environmental stewardship, humanitarian relief, and support for local police and fire departments. It celebrates the transformative power of community engagement in fostering healthier societies and symbolizes unity and a commitment to impactful change beyond physical participation, a press release said.

This year, nearly 1,050 community members, including Alameda County Supervisor David Haubert, Milpitas Mayor Carmen Montano, and Fremont Councilmember Dr. Raj Salwan, joined the effort to support BAPS Charities, South Asian Heart Center, and the CityServe of Tri-Valley. The event showcased a broad spectrum of participation, from youth to seniors, united for a common cause.

Reflecting on the event’s significance, Christine Beitsch-Bahmani, CEO of CityServe of the Tri-Valley, said, “We are so excited to receive these funds today. We like to serve people who are in need, whether they are housed, unhoused, and with fixed income or no income. This walkathon is awesome because we are going to use these funds for our preventative work. We like to work upstream where we help people before they are in a crisis.”

Speaking on the occasion, Councilmember Dr. Raj Salwan remarked, “This event represents the best of our community. It represents the spirit of philanthropy and uniting our community. I appreciate the dedication of BAPS Charities in serving the community and making sure that we unite our community around a common purpose – a purpose of giving back and spreading joy through the spirit of giving.”

The event lead, Anvi Brahmbhatt, provided insights into the success of Walk/Run 2024 and expressed gratitude towards participants and fundraisers, saying, “I am deeply touched by the overwhelming response we have received for this event. We had a record number of participants this year, and I am thankful for their efforts to raise funds for BAPS Charities.”

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