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Becoming Pushpa Raj – 2 Hour Ritual

Pushpa Raj

Becoming Pushpa Raj – 2 Hour Ritual

Allu Arjun spent hours everyday getting ready for his shoot.
HYDERABAD (ANI) – Superstar Allu Arjun has been basking in the praise since the release of his blockbuster hit drama ‘Pushpa: The Rise’.

Arjun’s ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ is enjoying some insane success at the box office worldwide even over a month after its release. The movie, officially declared as a blockbuster, has already broken all the records by earning over Rs. 100 crores (Hindi version) and has become one of the highest-grossing movies of 2021.

Apart from acting, Arjun’s rugged look as Pushpa Raj is also winning hearts.

A recent video has been doing the rounds witnessing Arjun’s transformation, both physically and with the help of stellar prosthetics and makeup, to look the part. And the credit for his look goes to his make-up and prosthetic look designer, Preetisheel Singh D’Souza. “There aren’t enough words to describe his dedication towards his roles”, says D’Souza.

For the transformation, the superstar had to undergo an intense makeup and prosthetic session with Preetisheel and her team, right from getting his eyebrows and curly hair right to getting the perfect skin color.

Commenting on her experience of working on the movie and Arjun, she said, “This was my first experience in South and it was quite a different and surreal one. The average range of Allu Arjun sitting in the chair would be an hour and a half and sometimes it would go to more than two hours as well because sometimes, we would have to do full body make up.”

“My experience working with him has been fabulous. He is a full-on entertainer. He dives into his character fully, the moment he comes on screen you don’t feel like watching anything else. He can overpower the whole frame I feel. Plus, his dedication towards his characters, his patience with makeup is very commendable. It makes the technician’s job very easy when you are in sync with the actor at a lot of levels,” she added.

Pushpa’s dream run at the ticket counters worldwide has surprisingly surpassed the collections of the biggest box-office hits from different language industries, creating a new box office record for Allu Arjun.
After extending its theatrical run and getting amazing responses at the Box Office, the Hindi version of the movie has marked its OTT debut on Amazon Prime Video.

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