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Benefits of Aromatherapy Yoga


Benefits of Aromatherapy Yoga

By Amita Agrawal

Aromatherapy and yoga are complementary healing practices. By combining these two practices into one, you can exponentially increase the benefits of them both and further their therapeutic elements.

A productive and relaxing aromatherapy yoga requires a serene and fragrant ambience and incorporating pure essential oils and incense sticks during your yoga regime. It augments the ability to focus effortlessly during your yoga sessions.

If you are unaware of the compelling benefits associated with using enriching essential oils or incense sticks with soothing fragrances during yoga practice, you are missing out on something beneficial to enhance the quality of your yoga practice.

By involving the fragrance of an incense stick or essential oils in your aromatherapy yoga session, you will get a sense of calmness and balance. As the grounding and mood-uplifting scent of the natural and purest essential oils available, today will help balance your mood and will help you attain a deeper level of meditation. Patchouli Essential oil or a Rose incense stick has been used for generations to promote a sense of calmness and peace, which would make it a perfect choice for relaxing yoga practice.

By using essential oils before your practice, you begin to enter a space of being present, focused on yourself, and focused on your body. Essential oils like Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary, and Lemongrass offer a powerful supportive tool for those seeking to cultivate emotional well-being and inner happiness. It works wonders when promoting your overall wellness and helps relax our nervous system through its powerful scent.

The strong and calming aromas of essential oils and incense sticks help in balancing your chakras, it cleanses your aura while activating the chakras perfectly.

Making your yoga sessions a powerful holistic experience with Basil, Peppermint, Rosemary, or a Camphor incense.

Our sense of smell is argued to be the most impressive of the senses because of its connection to a network of nerves within the brain called the limbic system. Adding essential oils or an incense fragrance like camphor to your yoga regime stimulates your mind and hits the mental refresh button. Basil, eucalyptus, and rosemary can promote clear breathing.

Sandal incense, Bergamot, and Orange Essential Oil reinforce mindfulness in your lives.

When you do aromatherapy yoga, you not only energize the body, but also awaken your senses. But also embrace mindfulness in your life. For spiritual nourishment, one can use Bergamot, lemon, and orange essential oils.

Only high-quality therapeutic-grade oils containing no artificial ingredients should be used topically or ingested. Introduce oils slowly to your practice, giving yourself the time to become aware of their properties and power, and learn how you (and those around you) react to them.

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