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Berry, Berrier, Berriest!

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Berry, Berrier, Berriest!

By Anurag Dhananjay Dhage

Serves 1


10 ml Passion Fruit Syrup

2 Strawberries

3 Fresh Blueberries

60 ml Cranberry Juice

60 ml Apple juice

60 ml Ginger Ale


1. Take ice in a shaker

2. Add 10ml of passion fruit syrup along with a few chopped strawberries and blueberries

3. Add 60 ml of apple juice and 60 ml of cranberry juice to the mixture.

4. Give a handshake and pour in a Hi-ball glass.

5. Time to top it up with 60ml of ginger ale.

6. To end the refreshing mocktail garnish with fresh blueberries.

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