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Bhupesh And Kumud Parikh Breast Diagnostic Center Opens In Glendale, CA

Bhupesh And Kumud Parikh Breast Diagnostic Center Opens In Glendale, CA

India-West Staff Reporter

GLENDALE, CA – Bhupesh and Kumud Parikh, esteemed residents of this city since 1969, participated in the unveiling and dedication ceremony of the newly refurbished breast diagnostic center at Adventist Health Glendale Medical Center. This cutting-edge facility, now known as the Bhupesh and Kumud Parikh Breast Diagnostic Center, marks a significant step forward in enhancing breast health diagnostics within the community.

The Parikhs’ contribution to the naming of the center is driven by both personal and altruistic motives. With one of their own children triumphing over breast cancer, their decision to support this cause aligns seamlessly with their fundamental values of benevolence in both healthcare and education.

The upgraded facility, which officially reopened its doors on August 15, symbolizes a leap forward in breast health diagnostics and reaffirms Adventist Health Glendale’s position as a faith-based, tertiary care regional hospital at the forefront of medical excellence. The center stands as a haven for patients, providing a serene and spa-like atmosphere where over 550 individuals receive mammograms and diagnostic procedures each month.

Reflecting on their philanthropic journey, Bhupesh Parikh shared, “Our upbringing in India instilled in us the belief that we are stewards of our resources during our lifetime. The love and contentment derived from giving back have enriched our lives immeasurably. Having prospered through education in the U.S., we consider it our duty to empower education first. Our daughter’s battle with breast cancer reinforced our commitment to supporting breast disease defense and treatment.”

Dr. Linh Chen, Medical Director of the Women’s Imaging Department, emphasized the center’s pivotal role, stating, “Adventist Health Glendale serves as a vital resource for over 6,500 women annually, offering screenings, procedures, and surgeries. The Bhupesh and Kumud Parikh Breast Diagnostic Center will undoubtedly amplify our capacity to provide advanced care.”

The Parikhs’ dedication to community welfare extends beyond this contribution, reflecting their longstanding history of charitable endeavors. In the early 2000s, their substantial contribution led to the establishment of the Bhupesh Parikh Health Science Building and the Kumud Parikh Nursing College at Glendale Community College. Their generosity also extends to scholarship initiatives at Cerritos Community College, Sandpipers (a charitable organization focusing on the South Bay communities), Utah State University in Logan, and targeted donations in Gujarat, India.

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  • A lovely step towards nations people.
    Congratulations Bhupesh Bhai and Kumud
    Devendra Shah

    August 25, 2023
  • Admire your Holistic, Humanitarian help & Donation .

    August 25, 2023
  • Thanks for your generous & precious gift to human kind, it will save many women’s lives.best wishes to Kumud & you.

    August 27, 2023

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