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Biryani, Dosas, Gulab Jamuns…Swiggy Details Consumption


Biryani, Dosas, Gulab Jamuns…Swiggy Details Consumption

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Looking back at ‘How India Swiggy’d in 2023’, the online food delivery platform on December 14 revealed that a user from Mumbai alone spent Rs 42.3 lakh on food orders this year.

The platform received the maximum orders by user accounts from Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad, who have placed more than 10,000 orders each.

Biryani topped the charts as the most-ordered dish on Swiggy for the eighth straight year.

India ordered 2.5 biryanis per second in 2023. For every 5.5 chicken biryanis, there was one vegetarian biryani ordered.

“Biryani has been searched for a staggering 40,30,827 times on the platform. Every sixth biryani was ordered from Hyderabad and the champion of the biryani brigade was a Swiggy user from the city who ordered 1,633 biryanis this year. That is more than four biryanis a day,” Swiggy said.

Gulab Jamuns received over 7.7 million orders during Durga Puja. Alongside garba, Masala Dosa was the top favorite in vegetarian orders for all nine days of Navaratri. Idli reigned supreme when a customer from Hyderabad spent Rs 6 lakh on them.

With 8.5 million orders placed for everyone’s favorite chocolate cake, Bengaluru was honored as the ‘Cake Capital’. During Valentine’s Day in 2023, India ordered 271 cakes per minute, the company said.

On Swiggy Instacart, a user from Jaipur placed 67 orders in a single day.

The single highest order was worth Rs 31,748. This user from Chennai stocked up on coffee, juice, cookies, nachos, and chips.

This year, Swiggy’s delivery partner covered an impressive 166.42 million green kms using electric vehicles and cycles, contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly delivery.

Venkatasen, a delivery partner from Chennai, and Santhini from Kochi delivered a whopping 10,360 and 6,253 orders each. Going the extra mile, one of Swiggy’s delivery partners traveled 45.5 km to deliver fast food.

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