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Brampton City in Canada to Install 90-Acre Hindu ‘Gita Park’

Brampton City in Canada to Install 90-Acre Hindu ‘Gita Park’

BRAMPTON, ON (IANS) -A multi-million-dollar park to be carved out in Brampton city of Canada will be named after the Bhagavad Gita. The Hindus constitute the second largest immigrant community after the Sikhs in Canada with a large Gujarati community having settled there.

The Brampton City Municipal Corporation has allotted 90 acres of conservative forest land for the purpose which will be landscaped and have sculptures of Lord Krishna and Arjuna besides some other Hindu deities.

Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton said that keeping the basic principle of secularism on the top, the city council after naming Guru Nanak Road and a Masjid Drive will now set up a Gita Park. “We respect all religions followed by the citizens of the metropolitan area,” he said.

The Mayor disclosed that the park would have facilities for ‘Garba’ celebrations, a basketball court, a cricket field, and a place for doing yoga. “It will be a real meeting place for people of all walks of life.”

The 90-acre Gita Park will be the largest in the world outside India where Hindu culture will be showcased.

The Hindu community residing in Brampton has welcomed the decision of the city council saying that it will help create better relations among all religions and races who will be free to use the park.

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    Congratulations to Indian heritage citizens living
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    September 8, 2022

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