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BRICS Must Liberate Sikhs From Western Imperial Enslavement

BRICS Must Liberate Sikhs From Western Imperial Enslavement

From Jugraj Singh, Seattle, WA

The Sikhs have saved the Indian civilization from western imperialism: the Mughals, the British, and the Americans, who recently tried to get three agricultural laws passed in India so they could buy all the land, rendering India’s farmers landless, exploit their labor and control India’s agricultural productivity. I attended a lecture by a prominent historian on how the British studied Punjab after defeating the Sikh empire. Three commissions were setup.

The first commission examined who was a threat. It concluded that Hindus and Muslims posed no danger of rebellion, but the Sikhs could not be trusted. The second commission studied the Sikhs to divide and rule them. This is when the British conducted the first census in Punjab’s history: A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-West Frontier Province. It concluded that Sikhs are an agrarian community and the Jatt tribes have the most land-holding in the villages. The British injected casteism and Jatt chauvinism into the Sikhs to weaken social harmony. That same casteism and Jatt chauvinism is alive and well today. The third commission investigated why the Sikhs were dangerous. It concluded that Sikhs were dangerous because they followed the Jathedar Sahib and his Hukamnamas.

The British weakened the position of the Jathedar Sahib by introducing western democracy: forcing Sikhs to have a “mini-Parliament” where unethical, useless and corrupt leaders can also be elected. The British banned the discussion of common problems in the Gurudwara Sahib by the Sangat, and instead forced Sikhs to have 24/7 kirtan. Sikh organizations were either created (such as the Chief Khalsa Diwan) by the British or infiltrated. The Sikhs still follow these corrupt practices and organizations and most do not know that British imperialists started them. 

After Indian independence, the British gave their intelligence on the Sikhs to America and Canada. America, under the guise of the Green Revolution, made an alliance with the rich peasantry of the Sikhs. This alliance led to disillusionment, disenfranchisement and frustration against the system by ordinary and poor Sikhs and Punjabis. This frustration was responsible for the Naxalite (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) movement in the sixties and seventies. That movement did not succeed, and this led to the Khalistani movement in the eighties and nineties.

The Khalistanis think the West will create a Khalistan for them just like they created Israel for the Jews. The West neither wants to do this nor are they now capable of doing so. The West supports Sikh separatism not because they care about the Sikhs, but because they can use Khalistanis and Khalistan to arm-twist India into giving them a better deal, make India toe the western line and force India into following western policies.

BRICS can liberate the Sikhs from western imperialism by stopping them from being brainwashed against India and by investing in Punjab. Many Sikhs are struggling economically. The west weaponizes this by promising empty dreams of glory and riches to the Sikhs to exploit them. (This submission is not edited)

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