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BRICS Plus Six: The World is Becoming Multipolar!

BRICS Plus Six: The World is Becoming Multipolar!

From Jugraj Singh, Seattle, WA

BRICS has just expanded to 11. Each new country will bring a unique cultural perspective and new energy for the movement of making the unipolar world a multipolar world. Four of the new members of BRICS are Islamic countries: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and UAE; and the Persian, Arab and Egyptian civilizations have been combined. This is a great achievement of BRICS to honor Islam in this way and draw upon the combined knowledge, experience, and wisdom of Islam and these three great civilizations.

Argentina and Ethiopia are wonderful additions to BRICS as well. Argentina, a Spanish-speaking country, will energize the entire Latin American region of the world where Spanish is predominantly spoken and will be better able to understand the Spanish-speaking countries of the world. Ethiopia has a significant Eastern Orthodox Christian population who are spiritually the brethren of the Russian people.

Macron asking for an invitation is a positive sign of Europe recognizing the significance of BRICS and the rise of the East. Europeans respect intellect, culture, and civilization, but the unfortunate reality is that they are forced to submit to America’s will. America does not have a culture of its own, therefore it does not value intellect, culture, and civilization. Furthermore, the intellectual elite in America is composed almost entirely of the Jewish community and they act in their community’s interest, not in America’s or the world’s interest.

BRICS is changing the course of human history. BRICS is truly a force for good which will save the world and our environment from western capitalist destruction. The tragedy is that even within the west, the scientific community and most ordinary people understand the tremendous environmental devastation that western capitalism is responsible for, yet no one can stop the western capitalists. 

BRICS must develop an evolved system of economics and governance to replace western capitalism and western democracy as both lead to destruction of human values and ultimately the corruption of humans. This corruption will ultimately lead to human extinction. We are already seeing this happen with plummeting birth rates in the developed countries of Europe and Japan and the eunuchification (Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Marie Jenner) of the West.

To maintain the population, a total fertility of 2.1 per woman is necessary, which is the replacement rate. Let us examine the total fertility rates of European Union countries and Japan; all countries have a total fertility below 2.1 (source: CIA, 2023 estimates):

Austria 1.51, Belgium 1.77, Bulgaria 1.51, Croatia 1.46, Republic of Cyprus 1.48, Czech Republic 1.5, Denmark 1.77, Estonia 1.62, Finland 1.74, France 2.02, Germany 1.58, Greece 1.4, Hungary 1.49, Ireland 1.91, Italy 1.24, Latvia 1.55, Lithuania 1.61, Luxembourg 1.63, Malta 1.51, Netherlands 1.77, Poland 1.41, Portugal 1.44, Romania 1.63, Slovakia 1.46, Slovenia 1.6, Spain 1.29, and Sweden 1.67. Japan 1.39

BRICS can utilize the knowledge, experience and wisdom of diverse cultures and civilizations of the world to make the world multipolar, equal, and harmonious with nature.

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