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Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hairstyles

By Amy Johnson

The leading ladies of Bollywood inspire not only our day-to-day styling but also for our wedding functions.

Athiya’s mermaid waves

Athiya Shetty stole multiple hearts on social media when she posted dreamy pictures of her Haldi ceremony. Dressed in a stunning ivory-colored Anarkali, she complemented her look with an effortless half-open hairdo featuring mermaid waves. She completed the hairstyle by adding in a few jasmine flowers to elevate the look.

To achieve this look:

Start with towel-dried hair and apply your favorite styling product. Comb mid-lengths and ends with a detangling comb to completely detangle your tresses. Select drying mode and choose high speed and high heat. Pre-dry your tresses. Divide your hair into three sections for effortless styling. Attach the 30mm long barrel to create voluminous curls and waves in both directions. Set airflow direction to curl away from the left side of your face. Start from the bottom section of your hair. Wrap a piece of hair around the barrel, leaving out the ends, and hold it in place until dry. Set the hair with a cold shot for 5-10 seconds and slowly release out. Repeat the same on the top left section. Change airflow direction and repeat in the bottom right section. Move to the top right section. Separate the curls with a detangling comb. Take a small section and braid it top-to-bottom. Repeat on the other side. Take both the braided sections and secure them at the back of your head with a bobby pin. Hide the bobby pin with fresh flowers to complete the hairstyle.

Katrina’s straight & sleek look

Katrina Kaif opted for a sleek and straight look for her wedding celebrations. She covered the top of her head with a drape and flaunted those long tresses. Itdoes not need too much styling, which makes it perfect for those wanting something easy and chic.

To achieve this look:

After washing your hair, apply a styling cream and begin to blow dry your hair smoothly with a hair dryer. Doing this step first will maximize the smoothness and help prolong the style. Once dry, brush the hair through to remove any tangles. Next, section the hair into manageable pieces, tying or clipping away the top sections first. Prepare your straightener by choosing the desired heat setting for the hair type. Allow the tool to reach this temperature. Take each section – sections should be a similar size to the plates to allow the strands to spread evenly across them – and place the straightener close to the roots and glide through to the ends at a medium speed Reduce the heat setting for hairline sections. To get closer to the roots, take sections at an angle Apply a holding styling product to fix the style in place and increase style longevity.

Deepika’s lovely low bun

Nail your traditional look with a sleek middle parted low bun, just like Deepika Padukone Add a traditional touch with gajra (jasmine flowers) wrapped around your low bun for the wedding or cover your head with your dupatta and style it with an elaborate mathapatti.

To achieve this look:

Use a paddle brush to smooth down any frizz and stretch out curls, whilst setting the parting into place Using an elastic band, secure the hair into a low ponytail at the back of the head towards the nape of the neck, drawing the hair down evenly at both sides, smoothing neatly over the top of the ears Twist the ponytail into a bun and fix into place with hair pings and a spritz of holding sprayPro tip. Manage the frizz and flyaways with a little gel or oil or use the flyaway attachment of the Airwrapmulti-styler to perfect your look. Try weaving baby’s breath or hydrangeas into a bun or a hairband.

Alia’s elegant waves

Alia Bhatt opted for super elegant minimalistic waves that accentuated her soft facial features. This look is perfect for those who wish to take the subtle route. Replace the traditional maang-tikka with a sheesh-patti for a classic and elegant look.

How to achieve this:

Start by using the Airwrap multi-styler with its pre-styling dryer attachment on a high heat and high airflow setting, and blow dry the hair until 80% dry. To create a root lift, scrunch the hair roots with your fingers during the process. Once dried, section your hair into half, creating a center part. Starting with one half, create inward facing curls by manually winding a small section of hair around the 40mm Airwrap barrel on a high heat and high airflow setting. Change the direction of airflow and repeat the process to get outward facing curls. Once the hair is fully curled, attach the firm smoothing brush on the Airwrap multi-styler and brush through the curls from root to ends to loosen them. Seal and add texture to the look by applying a setting spray.

Priyanka’s soft updo

Priyanka Chopra Jonas graced her Christian themed wedding with an elegant soft updo. The updo had middle-parted tendrils that framed her glowing face.

To achieve this hairdo:

Start by using a hair dryer and blow dry the hair until 80% dry. Once dried, section your hair into half, creating a center part. Starting with one half, create outward-facing curls by manually winding a small section of hair around a round brush while using the dryer on a high heat and high airflow setting. Heat each section of hair for 5 seconds (or until dry) and set the curl with pinning up. Leave it till it dries and remove the pin. Repeat the process and complete the first half of the hair. Complete the second half of the hair by following steps 3 & 4. With an elastic band, tie the hair into a low-side ponytail. Split the ponytail in half, twist one half to the elastic band, and secure it with pins. Repeat the same for the other half. For a more natural look, loosen strands of hair at the top part and release strands of fringe at the side. You may also add some flowers to go with your traditional attire.

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