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Chapman University Honors Manu & Rika Shah With Business Excellence Award

Chapman University Honors Manu & Rika Shah With Business Excellence Award

Dean Henrik Cronqvist handing the award to Rika Shah, Manu Shah. 

India-West Staff Reporter

ORANGE, CA – In a ceremony held on November 9 at Chapman University, the Argyros College of Business Excellence Award for 2023 was given to Manu and Rika Shah of MSI, International. The event took place in the presence of a diverse audience, including Chapman University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and administrators.

City of Orange Mayor Dan Slater presented the couple with a Mayor’s Certificate of Recognition, while Dean Henrik Cronqvist presented the 2023 Business Excellence Award. The award acknowledged their Adaptability, Growth, and Continued Business Excellence at MSI, International.

President Daniele Struppa in remarks later, underscored the Shahs commitment to employee well-being, citing MSI’s focus on avoiding layoffs.

Manu Shah, accompanied by family and friends, presented two insightful videos emphasizing his and Rika’s “journey” over the term “success,” in their entrepreneurial and philanthropic undertakings, stating that improvement is a constant pursuit.

Dr. Pradip Shukla, Manu Shah, Rika Shah, Chapman University President Daniele Struppa.

The ceremony was emceed by Dr. Pradip K. Shukla and Yatri Shukla, adjunct professor of Mathematics and an EMBA alumnus of the Argyros College, in the Bush Conference Room. Dean Cronqvist, in his introduction of Dr. Shukla, highlighted a significant achievement: setting a record for the highest number of students taught at Chapman University by any faculty member in its history.

A fireside chat with Manu Shah and Pradip Shukla delved into frequently asked questions and engaged the audience in a dynamic discussion that left several in the audience inspired.

Navneet Chugh, community activist, remarked that the Shahs demonstrate the life God would want humans to live, “hardworking, modest living, no drama, high thinking, and caring for others both in the USA and India.” It is routinely stated that we should give ten percent of our earnings to charity, “the Shahs have elevated that to 50% of their earnings,” added Chugh.

Hannah Bishop, a business student said, “After attending Manu and Rika Shah’s award ceremony on Thursday, I have a newfound respect for people who work in operations and logistics and build businesses from the ground up. Manu Shah spoke with such humility and genuinely told one of the best success stories I’ve ever heard. This award ceremony was truly inspiring, as hearing about how Manu and Rika Shah have dedicated the past 21 years to starting philanthropic foundations to help a multitude of worldwide issues is what being a good person is all about. They came here with a dream and achieved it. Both are so deserving of the award and recognition and should be proud of the success MSI has garnered.”

Emcee Yatri Shukla, Dr. Pradip Shukla and Manu Shah.

Another business major, Andrea I. Freire Paredes, found inspiration in Shah’s journey as a fellow foreigner navigating challenges in a new land saying, “Shah’s origin story struck a chord within me, igniting a sense of shared experience as a foreigner navigating the challenges of a new land. His journey from creating MSI in his basement to transforming it into a $ 3-billion-dollar revenue per year company is a testament to his resilience and a beacon of inspiration for someone like me, a first-generation individual striving for education and achievements in a foreign country. Mr. Manu Shah’s narrative has woven a tapestry of inspiration, spiritual alignment, and compassionate leadership that will undoubtedly influence my journey ahead. As I continue to navigate my own path, I carry with me the lessons learned, grateful for the wisdom imparted by a leader whose journey reflects the profound possibilities that lie within our own endeavors.”

Pradip Shukla later said, “Chapman University cares about the Indian community and looks forward to collaborating with Indian organizations on joint projects/events.” He also said the college is “looking for guest speakers, advisory board members, employers, supporters, and persons to recommend applicants to our programs,” and encouraged community members to contact him.

The Argyros College of Business and Economics at Chapman University was recently ranked No. 60 in the Best Business School rankings by U.S. News & World Report.

Community and university leaders with Manu and Rika Shah. 
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  • We appreciate the coverage provided by India West, Navneet Chugh as a community leader, and reporters of India West. Chapman University was happy to honor Rika and Manu Shah with the 2023 Business Excellence Award and to have community leaders/guests who joined us with this recognition.
    Feel free to contact me, Pradip Shukla shukla@chapman.edu on how you and your organizations can partner with Chapman University.

    November 17, 2023

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