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Coffee In A Glass

Coffee In A Glass

Coffee In A Glass

Here are some dinner drinks that can turn the event from drowsy to delightful with these easy-to-make, flavor-packed cold brews.

Sunshine Cold Brew


240 ml cold brew coffee

120 ml orange juice

60 ml pineapple juice

15 ml pomegranate syrup

Orange slices for garnish

Maraschino cherries for garnish

Ice cubes.


Fill the serving glasses with ice cubes.

In a pitcher or mixing bowl, combine 240 ml of cold brew coffee, 120 ml of orange juice, and 60 ml of pineapple juice. Stir well to mix everything.

Pour 15 ml of grenadine syrup slowly over the back of a spoon into each glass, allowing it to sink to the bottom and create a gradient effect.

Carefully pour the cold brew coffee mixture over the grenadine layer in each glass.

Garnish each glass with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry.

Serve immediately, allowing guests to stir the drink to mix the layers, just as they are about to plunge into the drink.

Enjoy your vibrant and refreshing Easter Sunrise Cold Brew Mocktail!

These measurements ensure a balanced and flavorful mocktail perfect for Easter celebrations. Adjust the quantities according to your preferences or the number of servings needed.

Classic Cold Brew


About 3 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee beans

1 cup cold or room temperature water


Grind the coffee beans to a coarse consistency, like breadcrumbs. (grinding too fine can result in a cloudy and overly bitter brew).

Add the coarsely ground coffee to a clean glass jar or a French press.

Slowly pour 240 ml (1 cup) of cold or room temperature water over the coffee grounds, ensuring that all the grounds are saturated. Stir gently to ensure even saturation if using a jar.

Seal the jar tightly with a lid or, if using a French press, gently press down the plunger until it’s just above the water level.

Let the coffee steep at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. The longer you step, the stronger and richer the flavor will be. You can adjust the steeping time based on your preference.

After steeping, if using a French press, slowly press down the plunger to separate the grounds from the brewed coffee. If using a jar, strain the coffee through a fine-mesh sieve or a coffee filter into another clean container.

Once strained, your cold brew concentrate is ready. You can dilute it with water or milk to your desired strength when serving. Store the cold brew concentrate in the refrigerator for up to one week. It’s best served over ice.

Enjoy your homemade cold-brew coffee! Adjust the coffee-to-water ratio or the steeping time to suit your taste preferences.

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