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Dad Never ‘Imposed’ Helen On Us, Says Arbaaz Khan

Dad Never ‘Imposed’ Helen On Us, Says Arbaaz Khan

MUMBAI (IANS) – Arbaaz Khan, who was seen in the streaming series ‘Tanaav’, has spoken about the equation between his mother Salma Khan, and step-mother Helen.

The actor, who is the brother of Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, also shared his thoughts about how Helen’s arrival in the family shaped his childhood days.

Arbaaz said that his father Salim Khan never “imposed” Helen on his children, and Helen never tried to “separate” them from each other either.

He told Bollywood Bubble: “My father never imposed Helen aunty on us. He knew that our mother was very important to us, and he had another woman in his life, but she had her own space. Helen’s aunty never tried to separate us either. She was just happy that there was somebody in her life who cared for her. She knew that he had his own family, his own wife, and kids, so she didn’t want to disrupt that.”

Legendary screenwriter Salim Khan, who was a part of the screenwriting duo Salim-Javed, was married to Salma Khan before he tied the knot with Helen.

Salim and Salma are parents to Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, Alvira. Later they adopted Arpita.

Arbaaz also shared how his mom dealt with the presence of Helen in her husband’s life.

The actor said: “It was difficult for my mom at that point in time, but she dealt with it in her own way. Whatever their reasons were to keep going, whether it was for the sake of us children, circumstances, or just the fact that it happened and they still needed to be around each other, they had their own struggles, and we saw it as kids.”

“But, they have gone through that. Today, all of them are inseparable. My dad holds my mom’s hand and sits. It’s so beautiful,” he added.

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