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Defuse The Brewing Civil Unrest In America

Defuse The Brewing Civil Unrest In America

By T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA

Little attention is being paid to the brewing civil unrest likely to mature at the next presidential election in 2024.  Political party leaders are causing it by their devotion to strengthening their respective parties to win “the battle of 2024” at any cost, even at the cost of destroying the nation inadvertently.

Each party fabricates and propagates false poisonous stories to brainwash voters and abuse freedom of speech in a systematic manner.  In a recently published book, “The Storm Is Here; An American Crucible” by a journalist author, Luke Mogelson, has well described the brewing process.

Mogelson has covered Michigan, Minneapolis, Portland, and Washington, D.C.

He gives an overview of forces in action, probably financed by each political party, with a singular purpose of creating and promoting social discord.  It seems that Republicans and Democrats are looking at one another as enemies to be destroyed, not opponents to be compromised with by negotiations.

That was not the intent of the Founders of this great country.  However, George Washington, the very first President, did sense the party rivalry that may work against the national interest.  He warned in his farewell address.

Currently, we seem to believe that decisiveness and quick action, not compromise, are the tools to win.  This approach works well if our morality is for judging right or wrong (not for pursuing power).  False propaganda by each party has changed the moral standards of the polity in America.  Most people think only of party interest, with little vision for the national interest.  That is where the danger lies.

It is time for the party leaders to identify the conflict between strict party interest and the national interest and rise to save the national interest. 

At the moral turning points, there is synapse between wanting to do something and doing it.  It is those short moments that make a difference.  When the morality of saving national interest weighs heavy enough on the mind, those short moments will lead to action for the nation-saving interests.

We suggest that each political party and each state establish a Group devoted to reintegrating American Nation.  The main purpose of these Groups may be to sort out and check the activities of the political parties that work against the national interest.

The time to act is now. (This submission has not been edited)

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