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Detox Post-Christmas And New Year Celebrations

Detox Post-Christmas And New Year Celebrations

Detox Post-Christmas And New Year Celebrations

At the end of every year, we wrap up the past year indulging ourselves in various seasonal delicacies which start with the onset of Christmas and end with welcoming in the New Year. We end up overloading our systems with far too much-unwanted food and drink.

So here we can consider signing up for an Ayurveda Detox Plan


The hectic week and excess partying during the festivities leave one physically tired. During this tiring time, a hot oil massage can do wonders. Abhyanga is a warm oil massage, from the scalp to the feet that can exceedingly rejuvenate your body and mind. It is the best skincare routine too. Some Abhyanga methods also nourish and stimulate your body’s inner and outer organs, as the oil seeps into the tissues of the body to release the accumulated toxins and expel them out through the gut.


To do this effectively it must be done in a scientific and planned manner; for which one needs to plan a daily schedule that will slow down your system. Below are a few suggestions:

Avoid oily, spicy, cheesy, fermented foods.

Consume lightly cooked/steamed food to rekindle the appetite.

Eat fruits instead of drinking them as juices- will juice up your insides.

 Eat soaked dry fruits and nuts, twice a day.

 Eat less to avoid feeling bloated Avoid processed foods that are high in salt and sugar.

 At night avoid green, leafy vegetables as they can result in heavy bloating.

 Plan & aim to have dinner between 7-8pm and sleep by 9-10pm.

Physical Exercise

Begin with short sessions of physical exercise. The Ayurveda detox plan includes daily yoga and meditation which together can help one maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ideally should be done in the morning.

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