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Ending The Ukraine War

Ending The Ukraine War

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA

May 9th could be the D-day for the “Lightining Fast” Nuke Putin has been warning about. When one feels defeated by conventional weapons, one threatens the use of nukes. Putin has given his fourth warning.

To maintain his dominance over Ukraine, Putin has blackmailed Western powers with the threat of a nuke attack and stopped them from becoming directly involved in this conflict. So far, the Western powers have been restrained from direct involvement and only weapons help has been given to Ukraine. American aid till now amounts to $ 46 billion, including the $ 33 billion being currently processed.

Putin’s war on Ukraine is causing considerable damage to the world economy. This is not a war of concern to the Ukrainians only; it is a war against the world order. It is setting a precedent that probably China would soon use for annexing Taiwan, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and Kashmir.

Western powers, especially, NATO, have to abandon the pusillanimous position and take a bold approach. We urge a Peace Commission be established with: The UN Secretary General; NATO Commander-in chief; Chief of European Union; Secretary of Defense, USA; Secretary of State, USA. The Peace Commission should issue a counter warning to Putin and call for an immediate immediate ceasefire.

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