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Entrepreneur Launches Book Prepping Parents, Students For Digital SAT


Entrepreneur Launches Book Prepping Parents, Students For Digital SAT

India-West Staff Reporter

NEW YORK, NY – Entrepreneur and founder of Prep Expert, Dr. Shaan Patel, has just launched a revolutionary Digital SAT Prep Book as the SAT undergoes its first-ever transition to a digital format in almost a century. Scheduled for Saturday, March 9, the huge shift affects the two million students who take the SAT annually, signaling a transformative change in the landscape of college entrance exams.

Traditionally considered one of the most crucial tests in a student’s academic journey, the SAT plays a pivotal role in shaping college acceptances, influencing scholarship opportunities, and even impacting consideration from “test-optional” universities. Recognizing the challenges students face in preparing for the SAT, Patel, a personal SAT success story, aims to empower students with his expertise and strategies.

As the CEO of Prep Expert, a test-prep company that gained recognition on Shark Tank and secured investment from Mark Cuban, Patel has already assisted over 100,000 students in improving their test scores, gaining admission to top-tier colleges and collectively winning over $100 million in scholarships.

The newly launched “Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook” Patel says, is a,  “comprehensive guide, offering a step-by-step blueprint to maximize students’ SAT scores. Packed with perfect-score strategies for every section of the exam, the playbook reveals secrets to solving the toughest questions, enhancing reading speed for passages, identifying common pitfalls, and mastering techniques to solve algebra problems without extensive calculations.”

With the release of the “Prep Expert Digital SAT Playbook,” Patel has set an ambitious goal on his $1 Billion Scholarship Mission, aiming to assist students in winning over $1 billion in scholarships. The book promises to be a game-changer for students navigating the evolving landscape of college admissions and standardized testing. For more: prepexpert.com

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