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Evolving A Syncretic Religion

Evolving A Syncretic Religion

From T.S. Khanna, Alamo, CA

In our hunger for knowledge, we float along with a wide variety of misinformation.

“It is not what we do not know that hurts us.  It is what we know for sure that is not so” —–Mark Twain.

In the past, different prophets have perceived different ideal Gods and their edifices designed, including hell and heaven.  In the process, they generated conflicting temporal and spiritual values, belief systems, and customs.

Besides the perceived ideal Gods, there seems to be a practicing God who “often gives victory to the strong, crooked, and wicked; bestows wealth on the smart and intelligent; gifts superior living to the wise; gives courage without discretion to the foolish; gives optimism without insight to those in blind faith; and promises an illusion of heaven after death to the religion-obedient”.

Now in the advancing technology and changing culture, there seems to be a compelling need to minimize religious conflicts.  We need to scrutinize to the very roots of long-held, faith-based, cherished values, beliefs, and convictions with a purpose to rediscover, reinvent, replant, and revitalize the conflicting values to shift their center of gravity within the acceptance range of modern people engaged in international affairs.

By softening and combining certain values, beliefs, and customs, we should be able to eventually evolve a Syncretic Religion, minimizing religious conflicts.  Imagine the positive effect of eliminating religious conflicts on humanity.

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  • I suggest the writer to read a book called “How to Know God” by Deepak Chopra

    November 28, 2023

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