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Expanding Your Interior Spaces

Expanding Your Interior Spaces

The interiors of our houses reflect ourselves and our personalities. It should always reflect positivity and calmness when we enter it. With our hectic schedules, it is our home, and especially the bedrooms, that provide us with peace and warmth.

A few tips that we apply in our spaces to make them appear bigger and airier”.

White Interiors: White interiors are very much in trend and give the space a refreshing look. It makes the space look lighter and brighter with natural light falling on it. White interiors with lots of indoor plants, vintage pieces, contrasting colored fabrics, and carefully selected personal pieces are something that makes the space look prettier and airy.

Go Minimalistic: The bedrooms will automatically look bigger when they have a lot of free floor space. Minimalism and simplicity will provide us with chaos-free spaces, which will let us experiment with different colors and create contrasting combinations. This will make your bedrooms more serene and relaxing, making them look more sophisticated and classier.

Be Creative With Your Furniture: Use floating shelves, sleek wooden shelves, or glass shelves combined with the right hardware choices and the material can create a noticeable difference in the space. Hidden storages are a thing! We all want it, and we all love it. We can provide hidden storage behind a mirror or a nice cushioning. When we provide hidden storage behind cushioning or mirrors, they will provide a sleek and more organized look to the space.

Mirror On the Wall: Adding a mirror can instantly help in transforming the look of the space and will also help in adding glamour to the space. The mirror reflects light, giving an illusion of a much larger space. Choose walls with maximum natural or artificial light falling onto them. It will help in maximizing the sense of space. Ceiling-to-floor

Curtains: Install ceiling-to-floor curtains in your space, it will provide symmetry to the space as well as make the space seems taller. Use linen or cotton fabric in pastel colors, as the dark color fabric absorbs more light. If we have more than one window we can also choose between blinds for the windows.

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