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Falu Shah Says Modi Is Co-Writer Of Her Song On Millets

Falu-Shah-Says-Modi-Is-Co-Writer-Of-Her-Song-On-Millets India West

Falu Shah Says Modi Is Co-Writer Of Her Song On Millets

NEW YORK, NY – (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has collaborated with New York based singer Falu, a Grammy Award winner, for a special song promoting the benefits of millets. The song also highlights the potential of millets in addressing world hunger.

Falu, a Mumbai-born singer-songwriter, and her husband, singer Gaurav Shah, will release the song “Abundance of Millets”, according to reports.

She says that PM Modi co-wrote the song with her and her husband. Reports suggest that the song incorporates excerpts from his speech emphasizing the importance of millets. However, there has been no official response from the PMO or the government regarding this collaboration.

The year 2023 has been designated as the ‘International Year of Millets’ following a proposal put forth by India and endorsed by members of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization Governing Bodies, as well as the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly.

Falu, aka Falguni Shah, is known for her ability to blend various musical styles, including Indian classical, folk, and contemporary music. She has gained recognition for her soulful voice and has collaborated with renowned artists, including A.R. Rahman and Yo-Yo Ma. Falu has also been honored with a Grammy Award nomination for her work on the children’s album “Falu’s Bazaar.”

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  • Why is she in New York? She should be in India

    June 16, 2023
  • Rather than spending time on song writing, PM should be focusing on the needs of the people. That is most important for getting reelected.

    June 16, 2023
  • PM Modi has so much of wisdom and I am glad to see that he has been contributing not only to strengthen the country, but also his leadership has brought progress which no other PM had done. Good to see that Modi Ji has other interests to keep his sanity.

    June 17, 2023

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