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Florian Hurel on Styling Kangana Ranaut For ‘Dhaakad’

Florian Hurel on Styling Kangana Ranaut For ‘Dhaakad’

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist Florian Hurel is a renowned name in the industry. Whether it’s personal styling of celebrities, editorial photoshoots or designing specific looks for a film, Florian has done it all.

And his latest is styling Kangana Ranaut for her next video for the film ‘Dhaakad’.

Speaking about that Hurel says: “We have worked on 7 different looks for the entire video. These looks are very fashionable in nature and have pushed my creative thinking limits significantly. Every look was created keeping in mind the coherence required between silhouette, hair and makeup.

“The first look, which was a black pants suit with a hat, needed to be backed up by a strong look. Accordingly, I created a very strong black graphic liner with sharp contouring and muted lips. For the second outfit which was a golden dress, I used a golden foil over the eyelids in an abstract manner creating a very impactful strong eye and coupled the same with nude lips.”

“Third one was a purple dress, for that I created a double liner look with Swarovski stones. It was different from usual. The fourth outfit was a bed look for which she wore a very sensual black gown with hot pink lace bodysuit. Glossy black lids and nude lips was the look I created to complement the bed look.

“The fifth outfit was a black and golden kimono. The inspiration for this was a Japanese warrior look for which I created smudged black and golden strokes over the lids in order to give her the fierce look of a warrior. Sixth look is a hot pink leather corset dress for which I shifted the focus to cheeks along with the eyes to make her appearance stronger than usual.”

“Last but not the least, one of my favorite looks was the holographic saree for which I used a cutout from the same saree over the lids creating a look unique to my past work as well. It was the most amusing work amongst all the looks. All these looks were different and creatively intense, and these were made possible mainly due to teamwork and coordination,” he adds.

Florian recently also worked with Kangana for her reality show ‘Lock Up’. Speaking about the working experience with the Diva he says: “Working with an actor with the versatility that Kangana possesses is always interestingly different. She makes me push my limits while doing absolute justice to the passion I have towards my work.

“With my experience in the industry I can say that she’s one of the very few artists who possesses the courage to experiment and then own each of those not so common looks. I feel honored to have worked with Kangana. She encourages you to express your talent as a creative artist.”

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