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Former Bengal CM’s Daughter Says, “I Am Transman”

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Former Bengal CM’s Daughter Says, “I Am Transman”

KOLKATA, (IANS) – Suchetana Bhattacharya, the daughter of former West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, has declared herself as a “transman”, adding that she would shortly undergo sex reassignment surgery.

The matter first surfaced on social media in a post by LGBTQ activist Suprava Roy, who uploaded a picture of Suchetana addressing a symposium on the livelihood of the people of the community.

According to Roy, at the symposium, Suchetana declared herself as a “transman” and said that after the sex-change surgery, ‘he’ would be known as ‘Suchetan’.

Later, Suchetana confirmed the genuineness of the post to a section of the media and said that it was her own decision as an adult individual having attained the age of 41.

She also appealed to the people not to mix up her family identity with her personal identity.

Suchetana also confirmed taking the necessary legal steps required before going for the surgery.

Actress and rights activist Ushashie Chakrabiorty, who was also a speaker at the symposium, said that it is not easy for someone like Suchetana, whose father is a former Chief Minister of the state, to come out so boldly and announce such a decision.

“I feel that the bold step taken by Suchetana will encourage many others to come out of the closet and express their feelings. Many people are scared to open. The more people come forward, the more the social movement on this issue will be strengthened. Steps taken by persons like Suchetana will surely have a big impact on the society,” Chakrabiorty said.

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