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General Instructions For Yoga

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General Instructions For Yoga

-Always practice under the guidance of a qualified trainer.

-Don’t copy practices prescribed for others. Even though the disease condition might be the same, therapeutic Yoga prescriptions are prescribed considering various factors like age, gender, general health, and co-morbidities.

-If you feel any kind of unusual pain or discomfort during practice, stop the practice immediately and bring it to the notice of the doctor.

-Don’t fight with your body, always know your limits.

-Keep your awareness in the body and breath during the practice.

-Loosening practices can be done dynamically but ensure to relax completely before the next practice.

-Avoid yoga if you are suffering from a fever, or after surgeries, in case of spinal cord issues and hernia seek expert guidance.

-Practice on an empty stomach or alternately 3 hours after your last meal

-Wear loose and comfortable attire.

-Use a comfortable yoga mat, which has a good grip.

-Do your practice in a place that has good air circulation.

-Don’t take a bath immediately after your Yoga practice. Keep to a minimum gap of 30 minutes.

-Always take adequate relaxation between each practice.

-By default, always breathe through your nose, unless instructed otherwise.

-Don’t practice general yoga during your menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

-End the practice by relaxing in the Shavasana pose for 5 to 10 mins and let your breath, body temperature, muscles, and heartbeat return to normal. (IANS)

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