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Go With Sarees For Festivities


Go With Sarees For Festivities

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – With Ayodhya and the opening of the Ram temple, it was clear that sarees are a beautiful medium to celebrate these festivities and is a symbol of India’s rich heritage and the multicultural environment we are surrounded with.

Ikkat Sarees

The unique craftsmanship and cultural significance of Ikkat sarees make them a cherished choice among those who appreciate handwoven textiles with a rich history. Ikkats are traditional handwoven textiles that are characterized by their distinctive patterns created through the resist dyeing technique.

Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees are known for their rich and intricate zari work. The festive and vibrant colors, along with the gold or silver brocade, make them a perfect choice for celebrations.

Kanjeevaram Sarees

Kanjeevaram sarees are characterized by their lustrous silk and intricate zari work. These sarees often feature vibrant colors and traditional motifs, making them an excellent choice for festivities.

Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani sarees are a beautiful representation of traditional Indian craftsmanship and are cherished for their cultural significance and aesthetic appeal. They remain popular choices for women who appreciate the artistry and vibrant colors associated with this traditional tie-and-dye technique.

Organza Sarees

Organza sarees are elegant and lightweight traditional Indian sarees that are crafted from organza fabric. Organza is a sheer and crisp material, often made from silk or a synthetic blend, which gives the saree a delicate and luxurious appearance. These sarees are popular for various occasions due to their sheer elegance factor and versatility.

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