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Google Celebrates World Record Of Pani Puri

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Google Celebrates World Record Of Pani Puri

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (IANS) – On July 12, Google commemorated the world record achievement of a restaurant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, for serving the highest number of pani puri flavors. The restaurant, Indori Zayka, in collaboration with Dainik Bhaskar, achieved this feat on July 12, 2015, under the guidance of Masterchef Neha Shah.

In celebration of this milestone, Google created a vibrant and interactive game Doodle. In a statement, Google said, “Play today’s interactive game Doodle and help a street vendor team fill orders for pani puri.” Players are invited to select the puris that match each customer’s flavor and quantity preferences in order to keep them satisfied. The tech giant added, “Let’s get to serving!”

Pani puri is known by various names across India, as it has numerous regional variations. In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, pani puri refers to the bite-sized street food typically filled with boiled chickpeas, a white pea mixture, and sprouts, all dipped in tangy and spicy pani. In Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, and New Delhi, the potato and chickpea-filled treat dunked in jaljeera-flavored water is called gol gappe or gol gappa. West Bengal and parts of Bihar and Jharkhand use the names puchkas or fuchkas for their variety, with the key ingredient being tamarind pulp.

To enjoy the game, users can visit the Google homepage and click on the Doodle displayed above the search bar. They can then choose between the timed or relaxed mode and proceed to fulfill orders by clicking on the correct pani puri flavor.

Google’s interactive Doodle not only celebrates the world record achievement but also highlights the rich diversity of Indian street food and invites users to engage in a fun and flavorful gaming experience.

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