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Happy 97th birthday To Queen Elizabeth


Happy 97th birthday To Queen Elizabeth

From Prof. Aziz Inan, Portland, OR

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch in British history, died last year on September 8, 2022. If she still lived, today, April 21, 2023, would have marked her 97th birthday,

Elizabeth became the queen on February 6, 1952, at age 25. Last year marked the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne of the United Kingdom. However, Elizabeth was formally crowned monarch on June 6, 1953, at age 27.

I wanted to do something special to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s first birthday without her and after some research, I put together the following numerical curiosities in her honor:

1. Elizabeth would have turned 97 today. Interestingly, the sum of the day and month numbers of Elizabeth, namely 21 and 4, equals 25 and the 25th prime number is 97.

2. Further, Elizabeth’s new age, 97, is the 25th prime number and 25 is the age she became the queen.

3. Elizabeth became queen on the 37th day of 1952 (6/2/1952). If 37 is split as 3 and 7, the product and the difference of 3 and 7 yield 21 and 4 respectively, the day and month numbers of Elizabeth’s birthday.

4. The sum of the digits of 21/4/1926, Elizabeth’s birthdate, and 6/2/1952 each equal 25, the age Elizabeth became the queen.

5. Elizabeth became queen in 1952 on 6 February (6/2) and she officially got crowned in 1953 on 2 June (2/6). Interestingly, 6/2 and 2/6 are reverse of each other.

6. If numbers 1 through 26 are assigned to letters A through Z, the sum of the letter numbers of Elizabeth’s full name, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, equals 327 and the prime factors of 327, namely 3 and 109, add up to 112. Interestingly, Elizabeth’s birthday always coincides with the 112th day of each leap year.

7. The prime factors of 1926, Elizabeth’s birth year, also add up to 2+3+107=112.

8. Elizabeth died 140 days after her 96th birthday. Interestingly, the 140th prime number is 809, representing 8 September (8/09), the day Elizabeth died.

9. Elizabeth died on 8 September, the 220th day of 2022. Interestingly, 220 corresponds to the reverse of the rightmost three digits of 2022.

10. If Elizabeth’s birthday 21/4/1926 is split as 214 and 1926, 1926 divided by 214 yields 9 and 9 corresponds to the number of letters in Elizabeth [1].

11. Elizabeth’s 80th birthday expressed as 21/04/2006 was numerically special because if split in the middle as 2104 and 2006, twice 2006 equals 4012 and 4012 is the reverse of 2104.

12. Elizabeth’s 98th birthday expressed in the month/day/year date format as 4/21/24 will be a palindrome date.

13. Elizabeth’s 99th birthday expressed as 21/4/25 will be special since 21 plus 4 equals 25.

14. Elizabeth’s 100th birthday expressed as 21/4/26 will also be special since twice 26 equals 52 and reverse 52, namely 25, equals 21 plus 4.

15. Lastly, Elizabeth’s 111th birthday to occur on 21/4/2037 will be numerically special because 21 April is the 111th day of 2037.

Happy 97th birthday to Queen Elizabeth! (This submission has not been edited)

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