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Here’s All You Can Add To Your Festive Dinner Menu


Here’s All You Can Add To Your Festive Dinner Menu

As Christmas gets closer, we can’t help but think about all the scrumptious cakes, delicious, sweet delicacies, and savory food items to relish this festive winter season.

What are you waiting for? hop onto these recipes…

Black pepper chicken

The black pepper chicken is a rich, flavorful meal that is utterly fantastic! It has a strong, pungent flavor since a lot of black pepper powder is used in its preparation. The dish’s already fragrant flavors are enhanced by the addition of red wine to the cooking.

Classic roasted chicken

This recipe never goes wrong, as it will always result in tender, flavorful, and ideal chicken if you’re a fan of roasted chicken. Serve alongside some vegetables and your favorite dip.

Pasta arrabbiata

Traditional ingredients for pasta arrabbiata include tomatoes, garlic, chiles, and olive oil. This unique cuisine is quite straightforward and can be prepared quickly. You will make this dish repeatedly once you give it a try, we guarantee it.

Christmas tree pizza

Christmas season without some Italian delicacies? A big no… isn’t it? Here is a tasty, quick, and simple pizza recipe that depicts a lovely Christmas tree. Everyone will devour your beautiful Christmas tree pizza, which you can cook with just a few basic ingredients in a short amount of time. The ideal holiday ritual, especially for kids, is decorating this pesto-topped pizza like a Christmas tree.

One-pot chicken pasta

Italian seasoning, tomato puree, cream, parsley, and diced chicken cooked in chicken broth are added after the chicken has been sauteed in olive oil. You’ll be drooling after just 30 minutes to prepare this delicious one-pot chicken spaghetti! Enjoy it with some mozzarella and Parmesan cheese as a garnish.

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