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India Again Abstains On UN Resolution On Ukraine


India Again Abstains On UN Resolution On Ukraine

NEW YORK, NY(IANS) – India has again abstained on a resolution calling for Russia to end the invasion of Ukraine that was adopted by more than two-thirds of the votes in the UN General Assembly in a snub to Moscow.

The vote on the resolution sponsored by Ukraine and more than 65 co-sponsors took place on February 23, the eve of the first anniversary of the invasion, while simultaneously a roundtable sponsored by India’s mission to explore the concept of “Gandhian Trusteeship” for world peace was taking place next door.

Explaining India’s abstention, the country’s Permanent Representative to UN, Ruchira Kamboj, who rushed to the General Assembly chamber from that meeting, said that “we will always call for dialogue and diplomacy as the only viable way out”.

The resolution did not mention negotiations to end the conflict but called for “diplomatic efforts to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine, consistent with the Charter”.

Kamboj asked, “Can any process that does not involve either of the two sides ever lead to a credible and meaningful solution”?

The resolution deplores Russia’s invasion and demands its immediate withdrawal for a “comprehensive, just and lasting peace”. It also demands the prosecution of crimes and justice for victims.

Earlier, two amendments sponsored by Russia’s close ally Belarus to gut the resolution were voted down, receiving only 11 votes for one and 15 for the other.

In a sideshow, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Munir Akram brought up Kashmir claiming that it had parallels to Ukraine, which the sponsors of the resolution ignore.

Pratik Mathur, a counselor at India’s mission, said it was an “uncalled for provocation” that “is particularly regrettable and certainly misplaced at a time when after two days of intense discussions, we have all agreed that the path of peace can be the only path forward to resolve conflict”.

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