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Indian Ambassador Sandhu Gets ‘Sikh Hero Award,’ Speaks Strongly Against Khalistan


Indian Ambassador Sandhu Gets ‘Sikh Hero Award,’ Speaks Strongly Against Khalistan

WASHINGTON, DC (ANI) – Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu was presented with the “Sikh Hero Award” from Sikhs of America, an independent organization.

India’s top diplomat to the US received this award days after the violence at the Indian missions in the US by a small group of pro-Khalistan supporters. The Khalistan supporters had personally targeted Sandhu.

While making his address after receiving the award, he made a strong and significant stand against the separatists and gave a strong message to Khalistan supporters.

“The Khalsa flag, which flies at the Takht (Golden Temple) and Nishan Sahibs, is a flag of unity, peace and universal love, use this symbol but do not insult it,” said Sandhu in an apparent reference to the instances of violence by a small group of separatists in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia holding the Khalistani flag.

Khalsa, which was created on the Baisakhi day, by Guru Gobind Singh is a uniting and not a dividing force,” he said.

“We must keep these cardinal virtues in mind and not what a couple of mischievous characters spin using virtual media,” he said in an apparent reference to Khalistan messages on social media.

Sandhu encouraged the Sikh diaspora to connect with their roots and said, “Punjab and the youth in Punjab need to be connected with the economic, financial, tech and digital revolution happening in India. The government, people and in particular the youth must take advantage of the expanding partnership with the US in various fields that Prime Minister Modi and President Biden are trying to implement,” he said.

Last month, Pro-Khalistan supporters while rallying outside the mission, a protestor in his speech made a direct threat to the Ambassador that the “hypocrisy” will come to an end and that the Ambassador could face a similar fate to what former president of India Zail Singh faced back in 1994.

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