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Indian Menswear Sons Fathers Enters U.S. Market, Partners With Taelor

Indian Menswear Sons Fathers Enters U.S. Market, Partners With Taelor

India-West Staff Reporter

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Taelor, a menswear rental subscription service, announced that its subscription boxes will now include clothes from Sons Fathers, a British-style luxury clothing brand founded by a member of the Royal Family of Dholpur.

Specializing in classic, timeless, and sustainable menswear, the Indian brand Sons Fathers works with small and ethical factories to offer contemporary garments made with hand-picked fabric.

“Our philosophy is fashion comes and goes but style is eternal. That’s why we believe in creating modern apparel with a classic look,” said Vishwajeet Singh Rana, Sons Fathers founder and designer who also worked for Apple as an ad artist. “My father was the classic gentleman, and his tailored clothes and polished shoes inspired me,” Rana said. “I took pride in my appearance and developed a sense of fashion early on.”

Taelor’s collaboration with Sons Fathers is meant to not only highlight the Indian brand’s expertise in high-quality textiles but also advocate for the Asian American community and identity.

Taelor is an award-winning Silicon Valley startup founded by two Asian woman immigrants. Anya Cheng, Taelor’s founder and CEO is from Taiwan and Phoebe Tan, Taelor’s other founder and COO, is from Malaysia.

Cheng says, “Throughout our journey toward our goals, we’ve understood that many people don’t feel ready for the day. That’s why Taelor’s mission is not only to help people look good but also feel confident and achieve their goals.” In addition, Taelor also wants to help save the environment by transforming the fashion industry. “Most people only wear a few clothing items, and younger generations support sustainability and second-hand clothes. That’s why Taelor is perfect for young people who want to look good but own less,” she said. Taelor’s mission in sustainability aligns with Sons Fathers’ approach of making limited quantity items with long-lasting materials.

Through a subscription-based rental service, Taelor brings a personally curated selection of clothes to customers so that they can wear a diverse range of looks. For a flat monthly fee of $88 per month, customers get styling service and can wear up to two boxes of clothes per month, with four items in each box, including dress shirts, jackets, polo shirts, pants, Henley shirts and more. Dry cleaning and shipping are free both ways — making the process of renting and returning clothing effortless.

Adding Sons Fathers to the 100+ brands included in its subscription service, Cheng intends to spread awareness of more international brands and plans to continue expanding partnerships with global brands.

Collaboratively, the two emerging, Asian-owned businesses strive to bring timeless and sophisticated style to American man in a sustainable way. “Luxury can be offered at a fair price, design can be exclusively to every individual, and contemporary can be presented in a sustainable way,” said Rana. “We can redefine our own pride.” 

For more: https://taelor.style

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