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India’s Best City: Hyderabad Pips Pune, Bengaluru


India’s Best City: Hyderabad Pips Pune, Bengaluru

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Hyderabad with a rank of 153, Pune at 154, and Bengaluru in the 156th position are the three highest placed among Indian cities in Mercer’s worldwide quality of living ranking for 2023 which rates Vienna in Austria at the top of the list.

Chennai is the fourth Indian city in the list at the 161 spot followed by Mumbai at 164. Kolkata (170) and New Delhi (172).

Mercer’s Quality of Living data assesses the practicalities of daily life for expatriate employees and their families in assignment locations worldwide.

Vienna retained its top position in the list, which was last published in pre-Covid 2019. The survey describes the city as “known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, Vienna offers its residents a high standard of living in various aspects.”

It is followed by Zurich, Switzerland, and Aukland, New Zealand in second and third place, respectively. Vancouver, Canada, secures the eighth spot, providing residents with a unique blend of outdoor recreation and cosmopolitan living, contributing to its high-quality lifestyle. Toronto, at the 17th place, is a global economic hub with a strong commitment to inclusivity and diversity.

In North America, San Francisco takes 37th position and remains a global center for technology and innovation. New York City, at 40th place, followed by Boston at 41st place, and Honolulu, at 42nd place.

Locations from the Middle East also ranked low including Sana’a (Yemen), at 238, where its ranking signals the need for continued attention to humanitarian efforts and reconstruction initiatives. Dubai, ranked at 79th place, and Abu Dhabi, ranked at 84th place, are the two major cities in the United Arab Emirates. However, as Dubai experiences rapid construction and urbanization, it has encountered some challenges such as traffic congestion, and climate change concerns such as an increased level of air pollution.

In addition to the seven European countries in the top 10, other notable cities with a high quality of living include Amsterdam, The Netherlands (14th); Oslo, Norway (24th); Stockholm, Sweden (26th); Paris, France (32nd); Helsinki, Finland (34th); and Dublin, Ireland (42nd).

Ranked at 29th, and first among Asian cities, Singapore is known for its continuous high quality of living. The city-state offers a clean and safe environment combined with highly efficient infrastructure.

Several cities in Japan have also made it to the list. Yokohama is ranked at 47th, Tokyo at 50th, Osaka at 58th is a major economic and cultural hub in Japan.

Seoul in South Korea is ranked at 81st, known for its fast-paced lifestyle and technological advancements. Busan, the second-largest city in South Korea, is actively investing in enhancing its appeal and international offerings, and it shares the 95th position with Taichung, Taiwan. Shanghai in China is ranked at 109th, followed by Beijing ranked at 126th, and Guangzhou which is ranked at 132nd.

In Africa, Port Louis, located in Mauritius, is ranked 88th globally with the best quality of living standards and safest in Africa. It is followed by Victoria, the capital of Seychelles, which holds the 98th position in the ranking.

South Africa has several cities featured in the ranking, including Cape Town (102nd), Johannesburg (105th), and Durban (110th).

Other notable cities in Africa with a relatively high quality of living include Rabat, Morocco (127th); Tunis, Tunisia (131st); and Casablanca, Morocco (136th).

In the Pacific region, Auckland in New Zealand claims the third spot in the world ranking, emphasizing its exceptional quality of living.

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