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India’s First Animal Birth Control Center In Lucknow


India’s First Animal Birth Control Center In Lucknow

LUCKNOW, (IANS) – The country’s first animal birth control center has been set up in Lucknow and similar facilities will be built across the state soon.

Animal Birth Control centers are intended to be dedicated facilities where stray dogs and cats will be brought for sterilization, and dropped back to the localities they were picked up from. In these centers, trained para veterinarians will conduct sterilization and provide aftercare to the strays.

There is a raging debate over dog bite cases in the city. Animal rights activists, veterinarians, and several district administration officials stress the importance of a healthy coexistence of man and animals.

According to Gauri Maulekhi, a trustee at People for Animals, “If we remove dogs from the area, their place will be taken up by some other animal – rats for instance. This is how nature balances itself — it is not possible for any area to be entirely free of animal life.”

The project guidelines, therefore, suggest community feeding of dogs in any area, which builds a relationship between the strays and humans while also ensuring that the animals do not fight over dumped food.

It was also informed that a training center will be opened in Lucknow by the Animal Welfare Board of India in a few months to train individuals to sterilize and vaccinate street dogs.

The project also includes the sterilization of street cats.

Maulekhi also stressed that the ABC project is already bearing fruit in the city and can be a model for other states to adopt as well. She pointed out that puppy sightings have gone down, and soon the incidence of rabies will diminish as well. 

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