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India’s Row With Canada – Sikhism And Hinduism

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India’s Row With Canada – Sikhism And Hinduism

From Vanamali Thotapalli, Chicago, IL

Regarding the recent flare-up with Canada over Sikh Terrorists, we hear so much about Khalistan supporters and their anger towards India namely Hindus.

The crazy thing here is that without Hinduism, neither Sikhism nor Buddhism would not even exist!

If the founders of these religions were born in Christian or Muslim lands they would have been branded as heretics, apostates, infidels and tortured to death! Their writings were burnt, and followers killed, they would have gone the same way as Giordano Bruno and so many others!

These religions would not exist today!

The reason is that Christianity & Islam were founded by people living under Kings and dictators and used them as a template for God – these are Master-Slave religions.

Think Putin, and Kim Jong Un – under their rule, there can be only One “Dear Loving Master”. The rules are simple – blindly obey, support, and sing their praises and be rewarded. Those who do not pay for it with their lives.

And so, all these founders of other religions had to pay with their lives.

Hinduism is different, we view God as a Father/Teacher

The goal is not cheap pleasures of the flesh in Heaven but Moksha – Enlightenment, Knowledge

Moksha is always Earned, never begged for

The many Gods are our Teachers

A slave may serve only One master but in life one has many a teacher

Moksha is always Earned, never Given.

To attain Moksha, one must keep an open mind, learn from ALL Teachers

Hence Hindus had no problem accepting ideas from the Buddha or the Sikh Gurus

Only a Hindu would say – God Rama is Jesus is Allah is the Buddha is Yahweh is Krishna is……

Sad to see our tolerance and acceptance being repaid with hate.

(This submission has not been edited.)

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