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Infosys Accuses Cognizant Of Poaching


Infosys Accuses Cognizant Of Poaching

BENGALURU, (IANS) – Bengaluru-based tech giant Infosys has accused major rival tech company Cognizant of unethical poaching tactics and sent an official letter in this regard, sources said on December 27.

There is a standoff between the two tech giants over senior management staff.

Infosys had sent a written communication to Cognizant a few weeks ago, sources said.

Cognizant CEO Ravi Kumar, who was formerly with Infosys, had pulled out more than 20 executive vice presidents and four senior vice presidents from Infosys and Wipro. Sources state that a few more top employees of Infosys are all set to join Cognizant as head of delivery and head of consulting.

However, the objections to the poaching of Infosys employees are believed to delay the plans of these employees to join Cognizant.

Senior management attrition has become a headache for companies battling depression in the IT sector. Infosys had seen about 7 to 8 top staffers departing in a year and as many as 10 top performers had exited Wipro in the same period and joined rival companies to the chagrin of the firms where they had worked for a long time. The companies have yet to give an official reaction about the development.

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