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Invest In Your Most Valuable Asset – Mental Wellness

Invest In Your Most Valuable Asset - Mental Wellness

Invest In Your Most Valuable Asset – Mental Wellness

By Dr. Chandni Tugnait

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – In our increasingly hectic and demanding modern lives, mental health is sometimes the first thing we forfeit. Just like regular maintenance keeps a car running smoothly over time, cultivating mental health provides the long-term fuel we need to operate at our best in all aspects of life. Renewal, not depletion, is the competitive advantage required to excel amidst increased obligations. Those who invest in maintaining their most important commodity today – their minds – will have the advantage in the future.

Normalize rest without guilt: We frequently see breaks as laziness rather than required healing. But, just as muscles require rest days to strengthen, so do minds. Establish limits and practice saying no without over-explaining. Allow yourself to rest with the same purpose that you approach professional assignments. You will return recharged.

Schedule wellness appointments for yourself: Set reminders to conduct quick guided meditations during busy days. Schedule uninterrupted walks or dates with friends to relax and catch up. Identify your depletion indicators, such as physical strain, mental fog, or impatience, and move quickly to correct course rather than override them. Rather than waiting until you crash, take proactive steps to maintain your mental health.

Redirect your self-limiting thoughts: Inner voices that tell you that you don’t deserve a break, that you don’t have time to re-energize, or that self-care is selfish typically reflect damaging cultural conditioning rather than truth. Replace these views with more inspiring narratives aimed at preserving your long-term mental health. Running on a full tank will allow you to be significantly more productive.

When our mental fitness deteriorates, all aspects of life become more challenging. Unfortunately, we often make matters worse by dismissing mental health as a luxury when it is our most asset. Maintaining good mental health allows us to be creative, resilient, reasonable, and have healthy relationships. 

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