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Irony: Trump Advises Vivek Ramaswamy To “Hold It In,” Be “Less Controversial”

Irony: Trump Advises Vivek Ramaswamy To “Hold It In,” Be “Less Controversial”

WASHINGTON, DC (IANS) – Former US President Donald Trump, who can be controversial with his remarks as annulling the constitution, in an unusual outreach to fellow Republican Vivek Ramaswamy advised him to “be a little bit careful” with what you say, so you aren’t “controversial”.

Trump, who is now the GOP frontrunner despite four indictments and two civil cases against him, praised the political newcomer as a ‘smart guy’ with ‘a lot of talent’. Vivek Ramaswamy has been gaining a lot of traction with his Trump-like views on climate change, Ukraine funding, and border issues and has openly said he wants to be his running mate, thereby catching his attention.

Media reports said that Vivek Ramaswamy being booed at the Milwaukee debate reminded audiences of the way Trump was booed in his 2016 debate when he said he did not need donors or special interests for his campaign. He won the 2016 election in a surprise twist defeating democrat Hillary Clinton.                                           

Former President Trump has offered unsolicited advice to his GOP rival Vivek Ramaswamy, who has managed to get a lot of attention in recent weeks from not just the Indian diaspora, but Republican voters and most importantly Trump’s attention.

Trump was asked on a TV show recently whether he was considering a “Vice President Ramaswamy” as he was watching the first Republican presidential debate last week, reports said.

“Well, I think he’s great. Look, anybody that said, I’m the best president in a generation. I don’t know, you must define a generation. That’s a long time,” Trump quipped. “He said it a couple of times. And he said it in 100 years. So, I have to like a guy like that. You know, I can’t get upset with him,” Trump said.

Trump hailed Ramaswamy as being a “smart,” “young guy” and a “very intelligent person” who has “a lot of talent” and “good energy”. 

“He could be some form of something, I’d tell you. I think he’d be very good. I think he’s very good. I think he’s really distinguished himself,” Trump said. 

However, the GOP frontrunner went on to warn the political newcomer that he was becoming “a little bit controversial”.

“He’s starting to get out there a little bit. He’s a little bit — getting a little bit controversial. I’d tell him to be a little bit careful. Some things you must hold in just a little bit, right?” Trump said before adding “But he’s got a lot of good energy, and he’s been very nice to me.”

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  • Vivek Ramaswamy is brilliant and eloquent South Indian than any other Indian in India, USA or UK. He is lot smarter than Rishi Sunak. Haley, who comes in every 4 years as a comet, only to get campaign money from ignorant donors with their own agends. She is s stooge pigeon for them. She’s not inherently smart. She has not broken the single digit (2%) in polling. VR’s problem I see is his idea about mass layoff of Federal workers, which is the most controversial item that Trump us referring to. I agree with him about scrapping the department of energy and saving $90 billion but other controversial things he should stay away from. As far as Haley, her political care is over VR or DT will ever have her in the cabinet or VP.

    September 1, 2023
  • The latest full show 60% of the Republicans favor Trump and Vivek Ramaswamy is second in the polls at 20% and rest of them are anywhere between 6% and 2% basically losers including Haley. If I Rama Swamy can get his act together and be less controversial, it will definitely be Trump and Ramaswamy ticket that’s going to secure the White House. Anything else the gas prices are going to go Sky High to $7 a gallon and the economy will tank to a recession. 61% of the population are going from paycheck to paycheck and the credit card debt is all-time high of 1 trillion!

    September 4, 2023

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