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Israel Aerospace Helping India Defense, Sets Up Subsidiary In Delhi


Israel Aerospace Helping India Defense, Sets Up Subsidiary In Delhi

NEW DELHI, (ANI) – Aerospace and defense company, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), has opened its Indian subsidiary in New Delhi.

The opening of Aerospace Services India (ASI) is in sync with the Indian government’s vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Make in India’, it said.

“This also shows the commitment to a strong partnership between IAI and DRDO in developing and supporting advanced systems for the Indian armed forces,” the statement said.

Aerospace Services India is the “sole authorized OEM’s Technical Representative for the entire Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM) system,” it said.

“IAI proudly presents as our first major milestone towards India’s Atmanirbhar Bharat vision on self-reliance. India and Israel’s partnership has witnessed state-of-the-art achievement. This growth and development will create history when our two nations will foster IAI’s technology and India’s talent and expertise in the defense sector,” the statement quoted IAI’s President and CEO Boaz Levy as saying.

IAI has a workforce of approximately 50 employees, with 97 percent being Indian nationals.

Headquartered in Delhi, IAI’s strategically located branches extend its services across the entirety of the Indian subcontinent, reaffirming its commitment to nationwide coverage and customer satisfaction, it said.

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  • LOL!
    Even Walmart helps me with my supply chain needs for a FEE.

    Israel is only expanding business. It does come with better relations and much needed non-Muslim farm and health and other workers that Israel badly need to eventually clear and fill Gaza’s new cities and farms and industry.

    April 5, 2024
  • It is very good news for India and Israel.

    April 7, 2024
  • Israel 🇮🇱 has decided to steal more stuffs from India once again. How dare they would go behind our back and export without India 🇮🇳 consent. Shame on them.

    April 8, 2024
    • these are kind of comments which makes me sick. No wonder India was a country of beggars under gandhis and nehru.
      Only thing they know is criticize everything

      April 9, 2024

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