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Israel’s Gaza Strategy

Israel’s Gaza Strategy

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From Girish Modi, Decataur, GA

History tells us that America had declared war on Japan after it attacked Pearl Harbor that killed 1200 soldiers and forced it to surrender by dropping 2 nuclear bombs which killed 250,000 innocent civilians. America again had declared war on al-Qaeda after it destroyed twin towers and killed 3000 innocent people after invading and occupying Iraq & Afghanistan that lasted over 20 years.

Now it’s Israel’s turn. It is emulating America’s “revenge strategy” since it has most powerful military in the region.  It has declared war on Hamas after it killed 1400 civilians and took 200 hostages. Already Israel’s air force has mercilessly dropped thousands of bombs in northern Gaza in last two weeks and killed 8000 civilians, destroyed mosques, schools and hospitals where it claimed militants hid. It has also started ground invasion with tanks and missiles and made Palestinians lives miserable by cutting off food, water, and electricity.

Israel is determined not only to free hostages, but also to annihilate Hamas and remove its threat permanently despite United Nations repeated call for truce and ceasefire, because it has 100 percent America’s back. American naval force is keeping watch on Hezbollah and will destroy them if necessary. Same fate will await Iranian insurgents if they try to threaten Israel. Arab world is powerless since their wings were clipped years ago by Israel.

 I suspect hundreds of thousands of civilians will perish before this war ends, since it is called “collateral damages” by warring nations and Gaza will look like Sahara Desert because Israel may decide to drop a nuclear bomb and destroy hundreds of miles of underground tunnels at once instead of destroying them one by one which may take a year.

In the end, Israel will redraw the map in the middle east by annexing Gaza and driving out Palestinians to neighboring Arab countries or make them live like slaves under Israel’s rule. Thus, the holy land of Abraham will be controlled by Jews and the Bible’s prophesy will be fulfilled after thousands of years.

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